Activist Resources

Tool Kits

Advocate NYC Organizing toolkit -Looking to start a new SJSF group or expand your own? Here is a helpful toolkit of guidelines for organizers to learn how to better involve their communities.

Giant Organizing Toolkit This page contains tons of valuable information for activists and organizers to use in order to grow their movements. Here are some selections from the list:


Strategy and Action

-Ruckus Action Strategy and Planning Manual -This pdf is a fantastic introduction to planning effective action. It gives an explanation of how to make social movements have an impact on their communities.

-Handbook for Non-violent Action In this handbook activists will find an in-depth explanation of both the importance of direct action and the most effective ways to use it to institute change.

-Principles for Democratic Organizing A set of principles which pretty closely represent SJSF’s ideals and practices

8 stages of social movements Bill Moyer breaks down how a social movement changes through time


Growing our Movement

-How to Plug People In A short guide to involving potential activists in our organization

-Recruitment Toolkit’s guide to growing a campus movement through active recruiting


Training and Resources for our Leaders

Organizing Game -This simple game is designed to help organizers and activists learn how to improve their door-knocking skills in order to increase their presence in a community. Although door-knocking may not be applicable to SJSF, the principles are the same.

Guide to Civil Disobedience on College Campuses The ACLU’s guide provides a brief introduction to your rights in student discipline matters and some tips on navigating your school’s systems.

10 Reasons to Divest 350.0rg’s 10 reasons to divest from fossil fuels.

Sample Petitions and Letters’s samples for easily constructing petitions and letters to institute change.

A Campus Guide to Divestment’s guide to campus divestment. Use this to empower your campus’s movement.