No Footprint Gas Plant, No Natural Gas Anywhere!

BREAKING NEWS: (12:09 pm, Bridgewater, New Jersey)

Three demonstrators blockade headquarters of Footprint Power, developer of proposed natural gas plant in Salem, Massachusetts.


We’re acting to the discourage the financing of the Footprint’s planned Salem gas plant and take a stand against the building of natural gas infrastructure everywhere.

Natural gas sickens and endangers communities through extraction, transmission, and combustion. Fracking pollutes water with a chemical cocktail that the industry keeps secret, and ingesting fracking-contaminated water has been linked to cases of sensory, respiratory, and neurological damage. Additionally, the climate crisis will lead to super storms that destroy homes and claim lives, dangerous heat waves, and food shortages, while Footprint Power profits.

To reduce the human impacts of the climate crisis we need infrastructure that reduces warming pollutants, but according to the latest science gas could be just as polluting as coal, if not more. Extraction and transportation of fracked gas results in significant leakage of methane which is much more potent of a warming pollutant than carbon dioxide, and in today’s energy market natural gas is fracked gas – purchasing any gas creates the demand for fracked gas.

We have the ability to unleash the clean, safe energy economy today and become a global leader in producing the energy technology of tomorrow.

Governments and private investors need to support safe, long-term solutions rather than a dangerous bridge to nowhere. Construction of the Salem Gas Plant would lock Massachusetts in to an energy source that has a limited supply and will increase in price in the coming years. Instead, as old infrastructure retires, we need to be replacing it with clean energy, efficiency, and conservation that will create good jobs and support communities.

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