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Brown Accepts Manmade Climate Change

July 28, 2012


Senator Scott Brown Newly Accepts That Climate Change is Manmade

Boston, MA—Yesterday during an online chat with readers, Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown unexpectedly announced his recent acceptance of manmade climate change.

One reader asked: “Do you believe that human beings activity contribute to climate change? Do you think we can reverse it? Do you think we should try?”

Senator Brown replied: “Yes. I believe that human activities are a contributing factor. That is why we need to develop a national energy policy. A true “all of the above approach” is necessary. When re-elected, I look forward to working on this issue.”

The Senator has a history of reversing his position on climate change. In 2008 as a state legislator, Brown voted in favor of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, a Northeastern cap-and-trade system, declaring that “reducing carbon dioxide emission in Massachusetts has long been a priority of mine.” However, one year later while running for the Senate, Brown expressed skepticism about the scientific support for manmade climate change. While in office, Brown has been criticized by Massachusetts climate hawks for voting to extend tax loopholes for fossil fuel corporations, to prevent the EPA from regulating greenhouse gases, and to approve the Keystone XL Pipeline ahead of the completion of an unbiased Environmental Impact Statement.

The Senator’s position statements on his website do not mention climate change.


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