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End Fossil Fuel Subsidies to Companies

Fossil fuel corporations are making billions of dollars in profit while the rest of America is in a recession with a growing national debt.  So why are we giving them our taxpayer dollars?

Cutting subsidies to fossil fuel companies from the 2013 budget is a smart and balanced approach to the problems of ballooning national debt and radical climate change.

Fossil fuel corporations make world record profits—Exxon has made more money than any other company in history!  However, the United States government spends billions of dollars each year in special subsidies to such corporations.  Many of these handouts are unfair tax preferences which other similar industries don’t receive.  Furthermore, fossil fuels receive MORE THAN TWICE AS MUCH SUPPORT as renewable energy industries do![1]  We have a right to a government which spends our tax dollars in our interest—our taxpayer dollars shouldn’t go to industries which threaten the prosperity and security of America by causing climate change.


Learn more about the economic impacts of removing tax preferences for fossil fuel companies, and about fossil fuel subsidy cuts proposed in President Obama’s 2013 federal budget.

Take action to cut subsidies to fossil fuel companies from the 2013 budget by

[1] “Estimating U.S. Government Subsidies to Energy Sources:  2002-2008.”  Environmental Law Institute.  Retrieved 10 March 2012 from <>. page 3.