Climate Change Information


This is a collection of resources about global warming and movement building for both new and experienced activists.  Have an idea for something we should include on this page?  Email with “Website Resources Suggestion” in the subject line.


Climate Progress: More on the technical side, this blog by Dr. Joseph Romm is very good at linking to all its sources and giving a thorough critique of the positions of global warming denialists. It also gives a good overview of the science of behind rapid climate change.

Skeptical Science: Getting Skeptical about Global Warming Skepticism: Ever had wondered what’s behind all the skepticism? This site has rebuttals to just about every skeptical argument you’ve ever heard. Plus it’s written in many languages. If you don’t find the answer here to be thorough enough, check Climate Progress.

Climate Central: Good general information. Doesn’t link to sources the way Climate Progress does.

Energy Casualties: Published by the Better Future Project, a non-profit directed in part by SJSF alumni, this report details the ways in which burning fossil fuels leads directly to human deaths, making a strong case for a rapid and responsible transition to safe renewable energy.

Grist: A Beacon In the Smog: Amongst other things, Grist provides engaging news on climate issues of the day.

ConservAmerica: Formerly Republicans for Environmental Protection, they present an interesting view on the issue from a nontraditional standpoint.

World Bank: Come see why the World Bank has chosen to take on Climate Change on a global scale.


Climate Central: A scientist takes on climate skeptics

TED Talks:

Global Warming:

David Keith – An unusual climate change idea

James Balog – Time-lapse proof of extreme ice loss

Martin Rees – Is this our final century

Rachel Pike – The science behind a climate headline

Stewart Brand – 4 environmental ‘heresies’

Political Action:

Omar Ahmad – political change with pen and paper

DerekSivers – How to start a movement

Science of Climate Change:

Peter Hadfield – simple explanations of the science of climate change (and a piece in the Guardian about his work)


Day Six – Be the Difference: A short, emotional film on the consequences of global warming development by Faithful America


Beds Are Burning – ‘TckTckTck – Time for Climate Justice’ Campaign

BE INSPIRED  - Founded by well-known author Bill McKibben, is credited with organizing the largest day of environmental action on climate change on Earth. Their work has inspired millions, including SJSF. Franke James’ visual climate essay does a beautiful job of capturing the hopelessness many feel when confronting a problem as big as global warming and offers an inspiring, action-oriented outlook for those trying to make a difference.