Green Economy Caucus

In 2011, SJSF members successfully convinced Massachusetts state legislators to create a Green Economy Caucus. The caucus, chaired by Representative Frank Smizik of Brookline and Senator James Eldridge of Middlesex and Worcester, is the first environmental caucus in the state’s history.

As the state legislature reopens for the 2013-14 session, SJSF members are preparing to recruit more legislators to join the caucus and push for more legislation to create green jobs in Massachusetts. Contact if you would like to be involved.


Mission Statement

 The Green Economy Caucus will promote legislation and policy that encourages economic growth and job creation based on sustainable development aimed at improving economic, environmental and social well-being. The caucus will focus on a number of themes within the broad scope of the green economy: water, energy, clean technology, infrastructure, and food. Members will learn about, discuss and advance the opportunities inherent through the development of and investment in economic sectors that seek to protect the environment and provide the jobs and energy of our future. The landmark environmental legislation of 2008 has provided an excellent framework for transitioning to a green economy and the caucus will serve as the catalyst for this important shift.  Now is the time to build on our success and leadership by seizing the opportunity to reshape our economy around sustainability and innovation.

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