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SJSF Internal Communications

Welcome to the SJSF Internal Communication page! Here we list all the different workgroups, and all the software tools we use to communicate. Especially if you’re new, it will help you get a sense of who is doing what, and how to participate in the discussion.

Mailing Lists

Start by subscribing to SJSF Public Announcements, to SJSF Internal Communications, and to (if you want) SJSF Social Club. Then subscribe to the committees you are interested in.

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Google Docs

We use a lot of Google Docs documents. We will often write in Google Docs our policy essays, minutes, brainstorming sessions, logistics TODO lists, polls. For the most part we try to keep everything in one shared folder.

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Google Docs

The Weekly Internal Communication Email

If you need something to send to everyone, arrange to have it inserted into the weekly internal communications email.

Sunday afternoon Devyn will send out an email to regional coordinators asking for your region’s major updates for the week, and for any items that you want to add to the agenda for the conference call.
Monday evening Regional updates and agenda items sent to by 6:00.
Tuesday morning Campaign team gets email with regional updates. Look at before conference call and think of any questions, ideas, or feedback to share during the call.
Tuesday night Conference call!
Wednesday by NOON Send Devyn any documents, schedule items, or anything else important you need me to send out in the weekly update email.
Wednesday afternoon Weekly email sent!

Organization Structure

Here is the organization’s structure, as a result of the spring ’11 election.