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Legislative Action

SJSF believes that Massachusetts can be a national leader in clean energy legislation. We currently have two bills introduced in the Massachusetts state legislature and we also are supporting a bill to phase out coal burning in the state by 2020.

Our first bill, “An Act to Create a Re-Power MA Emergency Task Force,” also called the clean electricity bill (HD 2254) was introduced with 14 co-sponsors including:

Rep. Tom Sannicandro (Lead Sponsor)
Rep. Jonathan Hecht
Rep. Denise Provost
Rep. Anne Gobi
Rep. Ruth Balser
Rep. Susan Fargo
Rep. Tim Toomey
Rep. Kay Khan
Rep. Chris Walsh
Rep. Sean Garballey
Rep. Alice Wolf
Rep. Ellen Story
Rep. Denise Andrews
Senator Jamie Eldridge

Our second bill takes an aggressive stance on climate change by pushing to phase out coal burning in the state by 2015. It is called “An Act to Eliminate Coal Burning and Use” (HD2270) and it is supported by:

Rep. Tom Sannicandro
Rep. Ruth Balser
Rep. Jonathan Hecht

SJSF, along with a team of many other organizations,┬áis also supporting Rep. Lori Ehrlich’s “An Act to Phase Out Coal Burning”, a bill to phase out coal burning in the state by 2020.

If you see your legislator’s name above please take two minutes to call them and say thank you! If you don’t see their name, please contact them and voice your support for the bills. If you don’t know who your legislators are you can look them up here.

You can download and read the text of the legislation below.


An Act to Eliminate Coal Burning and Use 2011