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Marches Against Coal

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Climate change threatens our economy, our communities and most of all the livelihoods of our generation and generations to come. But we’re still gorging on fossil fuels making the long-term affects of climate change worse and worse with every bit we burn.

Burning coal pollutes our air, our water and communities. Coal is responsible for 24 000 deaths a year in the United States.[iii] Coal costs 345 billion dollars in externalities a year–a hidden charge of $1124 per citizen that belies all claims that “coal is cheap.”[iv]We refuse any accounting that assumes power plants may dump their waste in our atmosphere for free.

We are young, and we are driven to revisit the choices of the generations before us. The longer we burn coal, the more we injure our own health, and the further we jeopardize stability of our climate. So it’s time we take action.

We are aware of the massive resources of green power–wind and solar–available to New England.[v] We have a choice. We want to share our hope and our vision for the future with our fellow Americans. March with us in solidarity against climate change and help support the phase out of coal burning in Massachusetts.  Join us immediately after the marches at our Stop Burning Coal Art Show.

We will march from across downtown Boston to our art show at the Old West United Methodist Church, 131 Cambridge Street. The show is open to the public; it invites reflection and discussion on the consequences of our energy choices. Doors open at 4:30 pm after the march on April 2nd & 9th, and at 2 pm on 4/22.

Saturday April 2nd Saturday April 9th and  Friday April 22th on Earth Day

The march starts from Copley Square at 12:45 pm (10:45 am on 4/22), and pauses for a rally on the Boston Common at around 2:30 pm (12:30 pm on 4/22). We will have speakers, music, leadership activities, then we head to the art show. For all media inquiries, contact Guillaume Marceau at, (774) 312-0305.

SJSF Coal March and Art Show Flyer

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