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SJSF Direct Action in West Virginia

Here’s an update from SJSF graduate and professional activist Zak Rogoff:

As I write this, SJSF’s very own Dorian is locked to a giant rock truck at one of the world’s largest mountaintop removal mines. She and other activists with the RAMPS campaign are shutting down much of the mine until police and miners can cut the lockboxes the’ve used to attach themselves to the truck. There are other activists in a tree and blocking other parts of the mine.

This is the biggest ever direct action on a mountaintop removal mine, and I know we’re making history. These mines in West Virginia are one of America’s frontlines in fight to save our planet from fossil fuels. That means this isn’t just direct action against mountaintop removal, it’s direct action against climate change.

And the best part? Dorian is wearing an SJSF shirt!:

I’m going to allow myself a HELL YEAH. I’m at media base camp near the mine, and being here is incredibly powerful. The best thing you all can do to help Dorian is spread the word through every form of media you can: Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, email, word of mouth, whatever. There are updates on the RAMPS site and on Twitter with the tag #stopMTR.

Call me if you’ve got any questions: (202) 489-6887.

-Zak Rogoff, 6:49 PM, 7/28/2012