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Summer Programs

New England Climate Summer:

New England Climate Summer is a powerful two month internship experience for students to learn and practice effective community organizing skills while building a powerful movement to solve the climate crisis.  Climate Summer brings students and community members together to build a powerful climate movement. Climate Summer riders bike across New England in teams, staying in community spaces along the way, to educate communities about climate change. Participants put their values into action, bringing the moral authority of youth to bear across New England, knitting together the strands of a movement able to put our nation on the path to sustainability.


The Climate Summer experience begins with a full week of intensive training. Interns will learn community organizing skills from climate movement leaders as well as the nuts and bolts for a successful summer. The Climate Summer organizing model emphasizes building relationships with diverse constituencies, training for leadership development, campaign structure and developing public narratives that motivate for action. The training will also include basics like working with media, running effective team meetings and of course, basic bike maintenance.

Sustainability in Action

Participants will work in groups of six with a trained team leader for the remainder of the summer, biking from town to town in one of the six New England states.  Each team will visit nearly 10 towns, spending close to a week in each location.  In each town participants will work with local community partners to pass local resolutions declaring a climate emergency and bringing pressure to bear on state and federal officials to work towards policies that will achieve 350ppm and avert the worst consequences of global warming.

Internship Credit and Cost
Climate Summer is an unpaid internship opportunity.  We will work with students on an individual basis to arrange for internship credit at your school.

We also believe that the need to make money this summer should not be a barrier to participation in Climate Summer.  Many colleges and universities offer stipends to students participating in unpaid internships.  The Climate Summer Coordinators will work with you to raise a stipend if one is needed.

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We recognize that no one else is going to solve this problem for us. We are leading the way, and we invite you to join us.