Leadership Team

SJSF is run horizontally, meaning that everyone’s input is valued equally. All members are encouraged to contribute whatever capacity and take on as much responsibility as they can. We also have many more amazing members on each of our participating campuses and in our communities.

If you’re looking to become part of the leadership team, maybe start by looking through our frequently asked questions about getting involved!



Alli Welton Alli Welton is an undergraduate at Harvard College studying History of Science and Government, although she is taking time off from school to organize full-time with the climate movement. She comes from rural Washington state, and spent two years at the United World College of the Adriatic. She became passionate about climate justice after attending the 2009 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP15), and is very excited to work with SJSF to build a brighter future free from the dangers of the climate crisis.Follow Alli on Twitter: @AlliWelton
Ben Thompson Ben Thompson is originally from the Seacoast Region in New Hampshire. Ben attended Cornell College in Iowa, graduating in 2012 with a major in Mathematics and a minor in Physics. Ben has been an active environmentalist since 2004 and a climate activist in earnest since 2008 when he began organizing 350.org events. In August of 2011 he participated in the Tar Sands Action outside the White House. Ben became involved with SJSF in the summer of 2012. Outside of Mathematics and doing his darnedest to fight global warming, Ben enjoys running, biking, crocheting and pretending to play the clarinet.

Follow Ben on Twitter: @BenjiStomps

Ben Trolio Ben Trolio graduated in 2013 from the University of New Hampshire, where he studied environmental studies – but he calls Ballston, New York home. In the summer of 2012, he biked through the Deep South to ExxonMobil’s headquarters fighting to end fossil fuel subsidies as part of an internship with Better Future Project. Although he is willing to fight for the climate wherever he is needed most, he would love to live in the Northeast for the rest of his life! When he isn’t working to save the planet, he loves running and cooking food(not baking though) but not running and cooking at the same time.

Follow Ben on Twitter: @bjtrolls

Canyon Woodward Canyon Woodward is a junior Social Studies concentrator at Harvard College. Hailing from the mountains of North Carolina, he is an avid outdoorsman. His passion for climate justice was fostered through a childhood spent kayaking & backpacking in the Appalachians. An avid environmentalist since high school, Canyon intends to translate this commitment into a career and lifestyle dedicated to the climate movement after college.
Chloe Maxmin Chloe Maxmin is a Junior at Harvard College concentrating in Social Studies with a secondary in Environmental Science and Public Policy. Chloe founded the Climate Action Club at her high school and galvanized green movement in her school and mid-coast Maine community. Her achievements as a youth activist were recognized both nationally and internationally. She also founded First Here, Then Everywhere. Chloe is on the Editorial Board of The Harvard Crimson and is a coordinator for Divest Harvard.Follow Chloe on Twitter: @ChloeMaxmin
DorianWilliams Dorian Williams graduated in 2013 from Brandeis University with a double major in International and Global Studies and Anthropology and a minor in Environmental Studies. She is originally from Chicago, but is warming up to the east coast. She has been with SJSF since Spring 2010 and has loved every minute of it. Let’s get organized and let’s get moving!
John Griese John Griese is currently a junior at Boston University, where he studies Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in Energy Technology and Environmental Applications.  In high school, John lead his environmental club to attain a grant from the EPA to perform energy audits for local businesses.  Since then he has moved on to become a campus organizer for SJSF, concentrating currently on fossil fuel divestment.  He also has been a coordinator for 350 MA events, such as the Energy Exodus and Brayton Point Action.
PatrickBrown Patrick Brown is a graduate student in physics at MIT, where his research focuses on developing new, low-cost solar cell technologies incorporating nanocrystalline materials. His interest in energy and environmental issues was sparked during his undergraduate studies in physics and chemistry at the University of Notre Dame, where he was active in numerous sustainability-focused student groups and task forces, and during two summer internships at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, Colorado. Patrick was introduced to SJSF after participating in the anti-Keystone XL campaign in Fall 2011 and is excited to be part of the group’s passionate and urgent fight against climate change and environmental injustice.