Who We Are

Our Mission:

We are a network of student and youth activists who work to fight climate change and the systems that perpetuate it.  We welcome a diversity of experiences and employ a variety of tactics to accomplish these goals within the framework of our values of democracy, egalitarianism, and non-violence.

Energy Exodus - Photo Credit Farhad Ebrahimi

On the Energy Exodus March | Photo: Farhad Ebrahimi

We are a network of student activists and organizers committed to building a just and stable future for all.

While we see climate change as the most universal and longest-term threat to this vision, we acknowledge that many other very real and immediate challenges to people’s lives and well-being also exist right now. We call ourselves a climate justice organization because we recognize that a truly just world can never be achieved without an end to all forms of oppression, including but not limited to racial, gender, and class oppression. We see climate change as both an existential threat in itself as well as a symptom of these oppressive and exclusionary systems.

We draw continuous inspiration from the decades of struggle of frontline communities directly impacted by fossil fuel use and extraction. We support their struggles, and demand retribution for the past and current injustices perpetuated by the fossil fuel industry in the form of a just transition for those communities.

We acknowledge the limitation of individual action on systemic problems such as the climate crisis, and favor collective, democratic action to build the future we need. We embrace a diversity of tactics within our movement: engaging with government to craft the immediate solutions we need, engaging in direct action and civil disobedience to put pressure on those that hold power now, and engaging with communities to build the alternative power structure we want to see. Throughout this process we are committed to nonviolence in all of our tactics.

We welcome a diversity of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives into our network. We strive to be as inclusive as possible, but acknowledge the limitation of this goal within the student demographic.

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