Climate Summer- Climate Summer is a powerful two month internship experience in New England for students to learn and practice effective community organizing skills while building a powerful movement to solve the climate crisis.  Climate Summer brings students and community members together to build a powerful climate movement. Climate Summer riders bike across New England in teams, staying in community spaces along the way, to educate communities about climate change. Participants put their values into action, bringing the moral authority of youth to bear across New England, knitting together the strands of a movement able to put our nation on the path to sustainability. Climate Summer is run by the Better Future Project, a non-profit directed in part by SJSF alumni “focused on accelerating the growth of the movement to build a better future free from the harms of burning fossil fuels and full of stronger and more resilient communities”.  CLICK HERE to learn more and apply today!

Ride for the Future: Ride for the Future is a summer leadership development program where young adults travel through Louisiana an Texas for 9 weeks, exclusively by bicycle, to learn from community leaders about the harms of and solutions to fossil fuel consumption. Learn about the true size and scope of the fossil fuel industry and how to make change from community leaders on the ground. CLICK HERE to learn more and apply today! 

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