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Post Carbon Institute Counterspeaks against ExxonMobil CEO at WPI Commencement

It is my pleasure to announce that Students for a Just and Stable Future has invited Richard Heinberg, the Senior Fellow-in-Residence of the Post Carbon Institute, to speak as an alternative speaker to the official speaker, Rex Tillerson, the CEO of ExxonMobil. This will not take place on the WPI Quad where the official ceremony is situated, but will instead take place at a nearby (walkable), separate location. All are welcome to come hear him speak.

Many of the students graduating this year find that Exxon’s disinformation campaign and its efforts to undermine Americans’ trust in their scientific institutions are entirely incompatible with their values and their future careers. Many students will be walking out of the commencement ceremony before the CEO of ExxonMobil, Rex Tillerson, speaks, to instead hear Richard Heinberg.

Richard Heinberg’s work is a powerful symbol of our wishes for WPI: a university which, in line with its budding green image, chooses to honor someone with leadership and vision, rather than a baron of the past, a force of the status quo.

When: Saturday, May 14 · 11:00am - 2:00pm, near Worcester Polytechnic Institute.


4 Responses to “Post Carbon Institute Counterspeaks against ExxonMobil CEO at WPI Commencement”

  1. Alex Shimada says:

    You guys really need to have a link on your webpage for a petition for this. My friends and colleagues would love to sign. 100,000 signatures would help show the President’s office that many in Massachusetts are watching their secret behavior and are appalled. You found a very gentle solution to their back-room shenanigans. If they want to use strong-arm tactics to force you to watch an offensive speaker, at least everyone in MA can broadcast how disgusting we find WPI’s President for doing this.

  2. Lee Grove says:

    Maybe there is hope for the U.S., given this kind of informed activism by the coming generation of true leaders. Raise a hand high in the air, reach over your opposite shoulder and pat yourselves on the back: Your action is admirable; you are the role models young Americans need in this time of utter state corruption.

  3. Jason Eldridge says:

    It was an honor to work with these people at the energy barnraising today! They’re some very dedicated folks!

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