Declaration for Clean Energy

On November 19-21 2010, approximately 170 students from across New England gathered at Wesleyan University in Connecticut to strategize ways to build the climate movement and to prepare a declaration to deliver to policymakers across New England and the US, including representatives of the US climate team at the Conference of the Parties in Cancun, Mexico.  The Student Conference of the Parties was organized by SJSF, and held in partnership with the Wesleyan Pricing Carbon Conference, a national assembly of politicians, industry insiders,  scientists, and organizers, to discuss the potential of carbon pricing as a bold and effective policy measure to address global climate change.

The Declaration:

Over the weekend of the SCOP conference, students worked together to draft the official Students for a Just and Stable Future Declaration for Clean Energy.  The five page declaration explains the need for a fossil free future, demands action from our leaders, and outlines our action plan for achieving our goals. View the declaration


Watch the press conference on our declaration at the UN Conference of the Parties in Cancun!

Current signatories:

Name                State        School/Organization Affiliation

  1. Adams, Mariel        MA        University of Massachusetts Amherst
  2. Agbolon, Mahunan        CT        Norwalk Community College
  3. Aidun, Hilary        VT        Middlebury College
  4. Akiha, Samantha        MA        Boston University
  5. Aleshinloye, Kasope    MA        Amherst College
  6. Altemose, Craig        MA        Harvard University Alumni
  7. Altomare, Jean        ME        Unity College
  8. Anders, Brett        RI        Brown University
  9. Anni, Priya            MA
  10. Ardle. Chelsea        ME        Unity College
  11. Arteaga, Alma        VT        University of Vermont
  12. Arteaga, Stefan
  13. Austin, Sarah        ME        Unity College
  14. Axon, Lovis        MA        University of Massachusetts Amherst
  15. Bantegui, Tracy        ME        Husson University
  16. Barrera, Vanessa        MA        Wellesley College
  17. Barthelmes, Elizabeth    MA        Boston College
  18. Bello, April            MA        Wellesley College
  19. Bering, Janet        VT        Middlebury College
  20. Blaine, Elli            MA        Wellesley College
  21. Blazek, Cedar        MA        Williams College
  22. Bowers, Emily        NH        University of New Hampshire
  23. Boucher, Daniel        NH        Hampshire College
  24. Boyer, Geneva        MA        Brandeis University
  25. Buckley, Sarabeth         MA        Tufts University
  26. Buckner, Heather        MA        Tufts University Alumni
  27. Castonguay, Desiree    ME         Husson University
  28. Castro, Jonathan        CT         Norwalk Community College
  29. Cecelski, Vera        MA         Williams College
  30. Chen, David         MA         Amherst College
  31. Cheslin, Carra         CT         Connecticut College
  32. Chew, Amanda         RI         Brown University
  33. Codognolla, Lucas    CT         Norwalk Community College
  34. Conlin, Molly        CT        Connecticut College
  35. Conrad, Emily        CT        Connecticut College
  36. Covello, Yolanda        CT        Norwalk Community College
  37. Cravero, Anne        ME        Bates College
  38. Crocker, Katrina        MA        Worchester Polytechnic Institute
  39. Cullinane, Charlene    NH        University of New Hampshire
  40. Dahlberg, Nick        MA        Boston University Alumni
  41. Daniell, Jonah        MA Amherst Regional High School
  42. Devanney, Nick        NH         University of New Hampshire
  43. Devoney, Mel         MA        Amherst Regional High School
  44. Dismore, Siera        RI        Brown University
  45. DiTulio, Ruth        NH        University of New Hampshire
  46. Dreibelbis, Michael
  47. Fahey, Meghan        ME        Bates College
  48. Farley, Thandiwe        MA        Boston University
  49. Faulkner, Amanda        MA        Wellesley College
  50. Feltham, Eric        MA        University of Massachusetts Amherst
  51. Fetzer-Rogers, Margaret    MA        Simon’s Rock College
  52. Finkle, Sara        MA        Williams College
  53. Fitzstevens, Maia        MA        Wellesley College
  54. Friedman, Robert        ME        Bates College
  55. Golden, Dana        MA        Williams College
  56. Goldspiel, Harrison    MA        Brandeis University
  57. Gonzalez, Catalina    MA        Wellesley College
  58. Goodwin, Morgan        MA        Williams College Alumni
  59. Green, Mike        MA        Northeastern University
  60. Hansen, Audrey        NH        University of New Hampshire
  61. Hayes, Nicholas        MA        Harvard University Alumni
  62. Hernandez    , Raustin    MA        Brandeis University
  63. Hernandez    , Mika        MA        Hampshire College
  64. Hillen, Jibben        MA        Amherst Regional High School
  65. Ho, Jacqueline        RI        Brown University
  66. Horan, Rebecca        CT        Connecticut College
  67. Jeffries, Thomas        MA        Amherst Regional High School
  68. Kauffman-Rogoff, Zakkai     MA        Worchester Polytechnic Institute
  69. Kaufman, Kara        RI        Brown University
  70. Kennedy, Amy        ME        Unity College
  71. Kennelly, Mairead        MA        Boston College
  72. Khan, Risalat        MA        Amherst College
  73. Kriyakos, Christina    MA        College of the Holy Cross
  74. Lam, Tiffany        MA        Wellesley College
  75. Lanza, Marie        MA        Boston University
  76. Latham, Ben        ME        Bates College
  77. Lawrence, Spencer    RI        Brown University
  78. Lawson, Sawyer        ME        Bates College
  79. Lello-Smith, Anna        MA        Tufts University
  80. Li, Jenny            RI        Brown University
  81. Lindsay, Andrea        MA        Williams College
  82. Linenfelser, Erika        MA        Hampshire College
  83. Lupkin, Lea        MA
  84. Lum, Allen            MA        Williams College
  85. Luther, Stevie        MA        Williams College
  86. MacDonald, Katie        MA        University of Massachusetts Amherst
  87. MacGregor, Avery        MA        Hampshire College
  88. Macko, Sasha        MA        Williams College
  89. MacMaster, Elizabeth    ME        Husson University
  90. Mahler, Coleman        MA        Brandeis University
  91. Maki, Sydney        MA        Lesley University
  92. Manter, Alex        MA        Williams College
  93. Marceau, Guillaume    MA        Worchester Polytechnic Institute
  94. Mariscal, Javier        MA        Williams College
  95. Marks, Jennifer        VT        Middlebury College
  96. Maschinot, Nick        MA        Williams College
  97. Mayo-Smith,         MA        Leslye University
  98. McDermott, Chris        MA        Assumption
  99. McGowan, Eugene    MA        Boston College
  100. McMurray, Roslyn        MA        Hampshire College
  101. Meacham, Dylan        MA        Williams College
  102. Mendoza, Christian    CT        Norwalk Community College
  103. Metersky, Joshua        CT        Tufts University
  104. Mu, Yan            CT        Norwalk Community College
  105. Muellers, Sarah        CT        Connecticut College
  106. Negami, Hanna        MA        Brandeis University
  107. Nesbitt, Nathan        MA        Worchester Polytechnic Institute
  108. Osgood, Michelle        ME        Husson University
  109. Palmer Paton, Linnea    CT        Worchester Polytechnic Institute
  110. Pan, Junhua        MA        Amherst College
  111. Parkington, James    MA        Boston College
  112. Parsons, Bliss        MA        Mt. Holyoke College
  113. Patterson, Jessica    NH        University of New Hampshire
  114. Pedtke, Julie        MA        Amherst Regional High School
  115. Penticoff, Leslye        MA        Wellesley College
  116. Phillips, Ian        MA        Connecticut College
  117. Pickoff, Margaret        ME        Bates College
  118. Pilcher, Natty        MA        Hampshire College
  119. Platt, Hilary        VT        Middlebury College
  120. Powell, Devyn        MA        Tufts University
  121. Pryciak, Jessalyn        MA        Amherst Regional High School
  122. Pskowski, Martha        MA        Hampshire College
  123. Robinson, Eric        MA        Williams College
  124. Ronn, David        MA        Brandeis University
  125. Rose, Nathan        NH        University of New Hampshire
  126. Ross, Halle        MA        Hampshire College
  127. Rubin, Sam        ME        College of the Atlantic
  128. Russell, Heron        MA        Wellesley College
  129. Salwen, Lucy        MA       Amherst Regional High School
  130. Savitch-Lew, Abigail    RI        Brown University
  131. Segal, Katie        MA        Tufts University
  132. Sharpe, Malik        MA        Williams College
  133. Siegel, Rebecca        MA        Hampshire College
  134. Sherman, Chandler    MA        Williams College
  135. Simonds, Jonathan    MA        Amherst Regional High School
  136. Simmons, Amelia        MA        Williams College
  137. Smith, Tucker        NH        University of New Hampshire
  138. Smookler, Tali        MA        Brandeis University
  139. Soule, Rachel        MA        Brandeis University
  140. Spurgin, Sarah Grace    MA        Amherst Regional High School
  141. Steckel, Jenna        RI        Brown University
  142. Taniuchi, Nicolle        MA        Hampshire College
  143. Tansey, Emily        MA        Mt. Holyoke College
  144. Togami, Chie        MA        Williams College
  145. Torres, Jasmine        CT        Norwalk Community College
  146. Trolio, Ben            NH        University of New Hampshire
  147. Udvardi, Mayrah        MA        Wellesley College
  148. Van Amburgh, Catherine     ME        Unity College
  149. Wang, Guangxin        MA        Wellesley College
  150. Watkins, Rhys        MA        Williams College
  151. Wilke, Jackson        MA        Hampshire College
  152. Williams, Dorian        MA        Brandeis University
  153. Wilmerding, Lila        ME        Bates College
  154. Yee, Chan            MA        Williams College
  155. Zimmermann, Janna    MA        Wellesley College
  156. Gerry, Jeannette     MA      Worchester Polytechnic Institute
  157. Dervin-Ackerman, Jessica      MA      Northeastern University
  158. Fischer, Daniel   CT    Wesleyan University
  159. Zimmerman, Kaia   NY     Sarah Lawrence College
  160. Hanlon, Sarah        MA      University of Massachusetts  Amherst
  161. Simon, Dezso      MA     Clark University
  162. Kuusipalo, Rina     MA      Harvard University
  163. Nathan Murphy     MA     Sustainable South Shore
  164. Caulton, Benjamin         MA        Amherst Regional HS/SJSF
  165. Klema, Mackenzie         MA        Wellesley College
  166. Shamel, Susan                 MA
  167. Russ, Ariel             MA        Mount Holyoke College
  168. Feldish, Jessica         MA        Northeastern University
  169. Caplan, Gregory        PA        Carnegie Mellon University
  170. Macheras, Alex        MA        Boston College
  171. Cabral, Mark B.         MA        Westfield State University
  172. Bort, Sharon         MA        Clark University
  173. Sharrow, Sally        MA        Tufts University
  174. Roben, Eva        MA        Harvard University
  175. Zhao, Serena        MA        Harvard University
  176. Thalheimer, Sonja        MA        Williams College
  177. Singh, Swarnima        MA        Mount Holyoke College
  178. Volfson, Alexander    MA        Worchester Polytechnic Institute
  179. Tirrell-Wysocki, Hannah    MA        Clark University
  180. Adkins, Justin         MA        Williams College
  181. McDonald, Lauren        MA        Williams College
  182. St.Mary, Amanda         MA        Northeastern University
  183. Pelter, Carly        MA        Mount Holyoke College
  184. Arlen Weiner        MA        Tufts University
  185. Gabrenya, Matt        MA        Brandeis University
  186. Glidden, Lily        MA        Tufts University
  187. Santa Maria, Anthony    MA         Tufts University
  188. Seagren, Josie-Dee    MA        Wellesley College
  189. Marcum, Marla        MA        Boston University School of Theology
  190. Filter, Travis J        MA        Lesley College
  191. Kyriakos, Christina     MA        College of the Holy Cross
  192. Tran, Lisa            MA        Tufts University
  193. Salvage, Ashlyn         MA        Amherst Regional High School
  194. Randolph, Eleanor     MA        Williams College
  195. Saltman, Hannah        MA        Brandeis University
  196. Smith, Gemma         CT        Wesleyan University
  197. Wang, Diana         MA        Brandeis University
  198. Gambill, Isabella        MA        Wellesley College
  199. Stuart, Lillian         MA        Wellesley College
  200. Billman, James         VT        University of Vermont
  201. Rosenthal, Jonathan     MA        Harvard University
  202. Renoir, Megan         MA        Boston University
  203. Weber, Evan         CT        Wesleyan University
  204. Stodola, Claire         NH        University of New Hampshire
  205. Judge, Erin         MA        Westfield State College
  206. Wohns, Sam         MA        Harvard University
  207. Lichtash, Matthew        CT        Wesleyan University
  208. Bello Ugalde, Gabriela     MA        Lesley University
  209. Finegold, Yelena         MA        Clark University
  210. Chin, Katie             MA        Boston College
  211. Buckner, Ethan    NY          Vasser College
  212. Miller, Sophia        MA        Mount Holyoke College
  213. Gonçalves de Barros, PauloMA        Worchester Polytechnic Institute
  214. Bliss, Julie            MA        Worchester Polytechnic Institute
  215. Warfel, David        MA        Worchester Polytechnic Institute
  216. Payan, Juan C        MA        Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  217. Chaudhary, Mihir        MA        Harvard University
  218. Demircioglu. Gizem    MA        Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  219. Kelley, Jamaica         MA        Simmons School of Social Work
  220. Dilara, Pembe                Istanbul University
  221. Beatty, John         MA        Harvard University
  222. Darcy, Julia        MA        Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  223. Thompson, Kerry        MA        Worcester area

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